About Us

      Hulubet is a highly customizable online event aggregator platform. All up to date events that are categorized into Entertainment, Sport, Exhibitions, Meetings, Religious Gatherings and Expeditions, Free Medical Opportunities, Cool Parties, Happy Hours, Book Signings, Opening Ceremonies, Dinners, Festivals, Nightlife, and so much more. Hulubet Events provides wide-ranging variety of local events and assists its users across multiple platforms including website, mobile and social media, delivering highly personalized content and event recommendations to each of its registered users.

     Hulubet Membership lets you pick your favorite event types that you never want to miss and you’ll be notified about them beforehand. It will enable you to review and rank events based on your experience. You will be able to access post-event status updates. There will also be access to limited and exclusive free entrance tickets to your favorite events and other fun prizes.

     Hulubet's exceptional platform enables fans to sway events and the location of events and live events. Musicians, comedians, film-makers and others can use Hulubet to determine where to appear based upon where their fans have demanded them. Event organizers will also be able to track their customers’ contact information and easily address them in future event campaigns. Organizers can get useful statistics and feedback from previous events which in turn will help them to make an informed decision in their future events. Hulubet Events always strives to plan and perform high impact website, email, mobile, and social media marketing campaigns which stimulate ticket sales, attendance and tune-in for local events, movies, concerts, live entertainment and broadcast programming.