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    The story begins in mid 1999 when Molalign Adugna, who is now Senior Pastor, felt impressed by the Lord to plant a local church in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. After making 3 exploratory trips to Ethiopia in 2000, the next year he moved to Ethiopia to start the task of building a local church. He immediately rented a house in the Bole Homes area of Addis and along with his childhood friends started a bible study. Soon one to one evangelism was started which the Lord blessed and the house began to be filled by new converts.

    Meanwhile there was a famous night club a few blocks from where the bible study was taking place. Since there was no more room for people at the rented house, Mo asked the Lord to provide him with a larger meeting hall. Then a miracle happened. By God’s gracious will the night club was shut down and the bible study moved to its new meeting hall – the former night club.

    During 2002 we became affiliated with sovereign Grace Ministries, a church planting ministry based in Gaithersburg, MD( After attending the Pastor College in the US, on May 18th, 2003 the church was officially planted. In the providence of the Lord, it was on May 18th, 1999 that Mo felt impressed by the Lord to plant a local church in Addis.

    In mid October 2004, we were officially recognized by the Ethiopian government as a fully functioning church, and were given a certificate from the Ministry of Justice that would allow us to perform baptisms, weddings & burials. The next year on February 5th 2005 we performed our first baptism service inside the Yugo Club. It was purely heartwarming to see the place where people used to party transformed in to a hall that would see people’s lives dramatically changed from the kingdom of darkness in to the kingdom of light and where the name of Jesus Christ would be proclaimed boldly in the baptism services.

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    City : Addis Ababa
    Sub city : Bole
    Phone : +251116518777 +251911639350 +251911639092