JR Music Production
  • About

    JR Music Production is a private limited company established by the renowned, award winning Ethiopian Reggae artist, song writer and director Yohannes Bekele (Jonny Ragga) in 2006 G.C. The company mainly focuses on music and video production, event planning and promotion. It has also been actively involved in different inspirational projects relating to the youth, women and health.

    JR Music Production produced numerous music videos for various Ethiopian artists, and has worked together with many different international artists on projects that have already been released and others that will soon be made public.

    Since it has been established, JR Music Production has been working to create awareness on issues that predominantly affect the youth. It co-produced a four track album focusing on the different challenges faced by many young women entitled “My body, My Decision”, organized and promoted the highly successful first sign language concert ‘Talk to the Hand’ in Ethiopia in 2011, and has also been actively involving in projects that promote love and unity within the African continent. It organized and promoted the Ghanaian 50th Independence Day celebration at the Addis Ababa City Hall in March 2007, and “Ram Jam” Reggae Concert which was held at Club H2O in 2013 .

    JR Music Production strives in bringing forth to the public music and events in a way that reflects the true essence of Ethiopianism, whilst creating a standard of quality that not only our company should live up to, but one that can help shape the industry in general.

  • Address

    City : Addis Ababa
    Sub city : Bole
    Phone : +25193 985 9001